Abdul Wahab: Aiming to get the benefits of the internal camp against Sharjah


In the press conference for Baniyas and Sharjah match which was for 22nd round of the Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday at the Baniyas Stadium, attended by Abdulwahab Abdulqader and Captain Yousef Jaber.

Coach Abdulwahab talked about the stability of the Sharjah team in terms of local players, where they have players who graduated to the first team of the Sunni stages in addition to that they have players playing in the Olympic National Team in addition to foreigners players at a good level.

As for Baniyas, Abdul Wahab spoke about Al-Samawi’s readiness for this meeting, especially after the internal camp played by the team and played a number of friendly matches, which he said he hoped would come it results in Sharjah match, where players showed enthusiasm and desire to change course and get out of bottom.

He said that the team had conducted morning and evening training exercises to develop fitness and we are now ready to play in the next match, despite the lack of readiness of some of the players, most notably Jean Mendy, who trained with the team from not long ago and fought 25 minutes of the game Friendly against Saudi Arabia’s Qadisiyah. The rest of the players are ready to play.

As for the comparison between the experience of Sharjah and Baniyas, Abdul Wahab explained that it is not a criterion because the experience does not always win, and we saw that a while ago in the game of Dibba and Al Ain, everything is possible in football.

Abdul Wahab finished the remaining five rounds, explaining that we have to calm the players well to get the largest number of points in the next phase as he pointed out that he received the team in a very difficult situation and managed to win two and still aspire to more victories to ensure the survival of the Gulf Arab League.

The player Yousef Jaber talked also in the press conference by saying “We were well prepared for the next phase by playing friendly matches, in which the players showed a high fighting spirit that showed they were determined to get out of the bottom of the table,”

He added that the team benefited from the internal camp through the development of physical, technical and tactical, which contributed to change the shape of the team and this is what we will try to make a profit in the match Sharjah.


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