Abdul Wahab: We will not lose hope


In the press conference after the match between Baniyas and Sharjah, which was held on Friday evening, which ended in a draw for both teams, coach Abdulwahab Abdulqadir spoke of this cruel draw, saying that the team was leading but could not maintain a two-goal lead to receive two goals in the end of the game .

Abdul Wahab said that in football when you lead with two goals and relax and miss a lot of chances to score, you will receive the goals and this is exactly what happened in today’s game.

“Most of the opportunities we had were in the box, but we did not make better use of them. We could have added the third goal and finished the match completely, but missing such chances gives the other side the morale to return in the match.”

At the same time, Abdel Wahab praised the performance of his players in the match, where he described that the team made a great performance in the first half, where they performed very well but unfortunately in the last minutes did not succeed in winning the three points.

As for the team’s hopes to stay in the league after this draw, Abdul Wahab said that as long as there are points in the field, we will never lose hope and we will try to keep the last remaining chances to stay in the league.


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