Baniyas farewell Mark Milligan and Ezekiel Henty


At a family meeting in Samawi home at Al Shamkha, Baniyas farewell both Mark Milligan and Ezekiel Henty for the end of the season and the end of their contracts with the club.

And the presence of the Chairman of the Football Company, Jassim Al Shurafa and the other members of the Board of Directors and the technical and administrative staff and the players were farewell Mark and Ezekiel and take photographs and the presentation of honorary shields, and wish them a successful march of success and prosperity at their next future clubs.

It is worth mentioning that Mark Milligan, the international player of the Australian team played for Baniyas for two seasons coming from the Australian league after being crowned with his club Melbourne City in the league title where he completed the contract to the end with Baniyas and expressed in a few words during the farewell of his great happiness in his time in Abu Dhabi, and thanked all those who gave him a helping hand during his presence with Baniyas.

While Ezekiel Henty will return to the Russian league after the end of his loan period, which lasted six months with Baniyas, the player provided wonderful performance and helped his colleagues where the player himself said it is a great honor to be with Baniyas and play with a group of players who were his family next to The administration and the masses and all the people here have never hesitated to provide help and support.

Finally, Al Shurafa congratulated the players for their success and thanked them for their efforts and work throughout the past season and hope of seeing them soon and their visit to the Samawi Home at any time, which will always welcome everyone, whether playing in Baniyas or those who have left.


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