Goran: Individual mistakes caused the defeat


At the press conference after the match between Baniyas and Al Wasl for the round of 16 for the President’s Cup, Al-Wasl finished with a 5-2 victory. Goran said: “When the game starts with a very early goal in the first minute due to an individual mistake And then you get the second goal through the reverse goal, it will certainly be a difficult game especially for a team that has a distinctive quality of players such as Al-Wasl, but despite that we tried to return to the game and reduce the difference, and we actually succeeded in that when we scored the first goal and return to the dressing rooms by a goal gap, but the unlucky beginning of the second half by conceding another own goal made the things difficult for us to comeback in the match.”

“We will try to take advantage of the mistakes made in today’s match against Al Wasl and focus on the next tournament to continue the lead” he added.

He also praised the performance of the two foreigners players at Al Wasl Club Fabio de Lima and Caio, explaining that they have high speed and skills, which has created many problems in the back line”

Goran said he was happy with the performance of his team and asked them to do more in the exercises and focus on what is coming to fold the page of the President’s Cup and focus on the first division league which is led by Baniyas.

Goran also refused to comment on the referee’s mistakes, especially as Al-Samawi had to get a clear penalty for Ahmed Rabia who was tackled in the beginning of the match.


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