Baniyas draw with Ajman for the AGC


For the first round of Arabian Gulf Cup, Baniyas tied with Ajman by 1-1 in the match that brought the two teams at Ajman Stadium today Tuesday, 4 September 2018.

Al-Samawi entered the match with a team of Mohammed Khalaf, Robson, Hassan Al Mahrami, Khaled Alatas, Mubarak Al Mansouri, Michael Ortega, Faisal Al Khadim, Haboush Saleh, Mohammed Al Menhali, Leroy George and Abdullah Bouashwan.

The first half seemed calm between the two sides with shy attempts for the two teams until the 23rd minute when Abdullah Hassan Bouashwan got a free kick close to the arc was executed accurately by Dutch Leroy George with a powerful shot went down the wall to announce leading of Baniyas. With that goal the first half with Baniyas leading.

In the second half, Al-Samawi went in to maintain the score and leading until Ajman got a penalty kick by Faisal Al Khadim before the end of the match in the 84th minute, successfully executed by Vander Vieira to equalize the score for the hosts and to end the match with the tied result.

In the next round Baniyas will hosts Dibba for the 2nd round of Arabian Gulf Cup on Sunday 9th September at Baniyas Stadium.


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