Jurcic: Dibba is a strong offensive team and we are ready


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Dibba for the 2nd round of the Arabian Gulf Cup, which will be held next Sunday, 9th September 2018 at Baniyas Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and Spanish Pedro Conde with a number of local press.

The coach began his speech by mentioning that he saw the match between Dibba and Al Wasl in the league where Dibba created several opportunities despite the loss. He add “ Dibba has a strong attack and their players have the offensive ability despite their loss of three goals”.

The coach noted that Dibba did not play the first round of the Arabian Gulf Cup competition and therefore has the advantage of rest, however, Baniyas is ready and all the players are available. There are no injuries or absences in the team except for Mubarak Al Mansouri and Colombian Ortega who will be evaluated before the match.

The coach explained that every match at our home will be important for us, and we seek to win all the matches that we play at home and this match will be the first one.

Pedre Conde, described his joy to be with his colleagues and his success in scoring in the first match despite his sadness on the draw but he was sure that Baniyas will make a great season.

He added “I did not join the camp with my colleagues from the beginning but it was not an obstacle because they are like one family since the first moment with the team and most importantly now that we give the club deserved results and positive levels.


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