Jurcic: Whether against Al Wasl or Real Madrid I’m looking for victory


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Al Wasl for the 2nd round of the Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday, 14th September 2018 at Baniyas Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and Spanish Pedro Conde with a number of local press.

The coach started by talking about Al Wasl team as a strong team with high level foreigner players and also with great experienced local players, and the team made a good season last year and they are well coordinated.

“I have seen Al Wasl’s most important match of the season and we have enough information about the team and we will prepare technically and physically for this big match.” He added.

The team will miss Faisal Al Khadim, who received a red card in the last game of the league against Fujairah, also they will miss Mubarak Al Mansouri for injury.

And about the chemistry between Baniyas new foreigner players, the coach commented that this matter is left to the technical staff. He added “This is our job, we can work with an attacking system that can achieve the team’s aspirations as well as maintain defensive roles and cooperate with the rest of their colleagues”.

As for the chances of Al Samawi winning against Al Wasl, the coach commented that he is entering every game to win against any opponent. He certainly respects Al Wasl but his goal is to win the match. He added that he would enter to win even if he was  playing against Real Madrid, always he looks for the three points.

And the difficulty of the upcoming matches for Al-Samawi in the league because he will play against Al-Wasl, Al-Jazeera and Al-Wahda. The coach explained that he is currently considering only Al-Wasl match and after that will be talking about upcoming matches.

As for the success of foreign players with the team until the moment, the coach explained that this is due to the success of the technical staff, who do a wonderful job to exploit the energies of the four foreigner players in the best way possible.

The Spanish Conde spoke about his role in the team as he stressed that his job is not limited to scoring goals only, he seeks to help his teammates on the pitch in all lines, even the big players in the world of football have an additional tasks to do during the match such as maintaining the ball or change the way the team play or support defensive line Either the goals come as a result of the work of the team as a team.

“The teamwork is what sets us apart. My first goal with the team was the result of the team’s pressure on the opponent, which caused a mistake that I managed to exploit successfully and scored the goal for the team, so any striker needs to support his teammates to score goals”.


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