Jurcic: We made good performance against strong team


In the press conference after the match between Baniyas and Al Wasl for the Arabian Gulf League which was ended by draw with 1-1, the coach Mr. Jurcic said the following:

“I congratulate my players for this performance. We knew it would be a tough and tough game against a stubborn opponent like Al Wasl.”

“I am Satisfied with the team’s performance in the first half, we played nice football, we made many passes and we managed to control the game and we had a quick reaction when we lose the ball.”

“We lost to Leroy George due to injury and he is a very influential player in the team”

“Our players felt tired in the second half because of the high temperature and humidity and we did not say as we did in the first half.”

“In general, I am satisfied with the outcome and the game especially as it is facing a strong opponent such Al Wasl.”

“Al Wasl has long-term players, both foreign and national, and we are working to develop our team gradually.

“The weather factor does not help us to do our best, especially at the level of foreign players, they need a time to adapt to this environment.”


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