Jurcic: Against opponents with same your level, you need special motivation


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Emirates for the 6th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday, 19th Ocotber 2018 at Baniyas Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and the player Faisal Al Khiedem with a number of local press.

The coach began the conference by talking about the next game, describing it as an important and difficult game at the same time as Emirates is not easy team even if they come from a defeat in the last round of the league.

“When we face the big teams, I do not need to motivate my players, but when you face teams that come close to your level, the coach has to motivate the players to do their best and achieve the three points.”

He also said that he has watched many matches for Emirates team this season and they have more than one way of playing depending on the type of the opponent they face.

Jurcic explained that the Arabian Gulf Cup matches are not a measure of the Arabian Gulf League, They are two different tournaments. The Cup is depending on the participation of young players and substitute players.

As for the quality of the substitute players in Baniyas, the coach pointed to the issue of stability in the long term requires a strong bench and players are no less than the level of the main players, and this is what distinguishes the big teams here in the league where, although the presence of the main players with the national team, It still performs well and wins because of the quality of the bench they own. “In general, in football, not specifically in a particular club, the bench players are a little lower than the main players.”

Faisal Al Khadim also spoke about the game that it is difficult match and not easy opponent, the two teams come from a loss in the league and they are hoping to compensate and get the three points and this is what we are looking for in this match.

He also talked about his physical condition, especially after his absence at the beginning of the season for several rounds because of the red card that he received in the first round, which is the first case sent off for him in his career, which caused him to stop, pointing out that he was not affected physically where he was training on a daily basis with the physical fitness coach to be full readiness and willingness for the coming matches.


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