Baniyas train does not stop


Baniyas won an important and historic win against Al-Jazira after by 2-1 for the 16th round of the Arabian Gulf League which was held at Baniyas Stadium today Thursday 21st FEB 2019.

Al-Samawi entered the meeting with a group that saw the absence of Brazilian Robson and included Fahad Al-Dhahnani, Youssef Jaber, Khalid Al Hashimi, Hassan Al Mahrami, Ahmed Dada, Michael Ortega, Fawaz Awanah, Haboush, Leroy George, Suhail Al Nubi and Pedro Conde.

From the beginning, Baniyas entered the match with a strong goal, with Colombian Michael Ortega scoring the ball with a header from goalkeeper Ali Khazif after a nice cross from Youssef Jaber.

Al-Samawi’s attempts to double the score did not stop and only five minutes after the first goal Baniyas managed to score the second goal through the Dutch Leroy George after a powerful shot almost to announce the progress of the Sky blues two goals in the first quarter of the match.

Baniyas had an acquisition in most of the first half of the game where the attempts did not stop at Al Jazira goal, who did not pose any danger. But before the end of the first half, the referee announced for a penalty for Al Jazira caused by Leroy George to successfully execute by Ali Mabkhout, reducing the difference to his team in the 38th minute. The first half ended with the 2-1 for the home team.

In the second half, Al-Samawi entered the goal to maintain progress and win the game, but Al-Jazira intensified their attacks in the second half of the match. The team had more than one opportunity in the 68th minute when the active Ernst Asante moved cross to Nasser Brazit in front of goal but the latter shot the ball from the touch One above the bar.

The second half also saw a great flurry of the protector of the heavenly lair starring goalkeeper Fahd Al-Dhahnani, who managed to overcome more than a serious attack from the team Al-Jazrawi. Al-Jazira’s attempts did not result in anything to end the match with a 2-2 win over Al-Samawi. Baniyas lifted his lead to 27 points in fifth place and Al-Jazira stopped at 31 points in third place.


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