Al Nasr snatched the three points and the journey is still in its infancy and still Bani Yas much to undisclosed


Al Shamkha stadium at 7:30 pm on Thursday, August 27, 2015

It began the game and each of the two teams started to achieve a positive result to starts the journey of the cup,seeking to defend the title. Baniyas has entered in the match with a distinctive group of new players who have formed a harmonious and coherent group and morale is very high to make their ambition of playing for the title and achieve the victory in the first rounds of the tournament and the revenge of victory is legitimate.

All these facts reflected on the events of the first half, which was characterized by caution and large parity by the two teams orientation defensive nature with to counter-attack included a first-half misses, one for each team, the first one for Baniyas Club in the minute 16th across the player Belfodil for starring goalkeeper in repelling. The second one was for Al Nasr over attack in the minute 24th but Baniyas goalkeeper proves that creativity is not restricted to the rival goalkeeper and keeps his own net clean.

In the second half, continued to play the same way but the fatigue signs appeared on the players of both teams, doing both coaches early substitution an attempt to raise the fitness of their teams. Al Nasr coach made the first substitution, followed by the first substitution in Baniyas, where Al Noubi left and Ahmed Khamis was in. After several minutes of equal domain, both coaches made changes again, for Al Nasr left Pitroipa and entry Jassim and for Baniyas left Bandar and Ahmed Mohamed was in.

The match continued equal until minute 84th, where Al Nasr scored the first goal, through his striker Nilmar after an attack on a cross pass exploited by Brazilian striker. After this goal, Luis Garcia introduced a new player,S. Almenhali and Mark Milligan, left the field. But the referee did not gives Baniyas to return to the game coming out with a red card to Fawaz Awana, result of a mistake in the middle of the pitch. However Baniyas tried to draw in the remaining of the very short time but was not posible.

In the end, the round of the tournament ended in victory for Al Nasr, but the road is still open to the heavenly stars they are able to challenge and making victories.


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