Jurcic: It will not be an easy game


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Emirates for the 19th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Friday, at Emirtes Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and the player Haboush Saleh with a number of local press.

The coach started the press be describing Emirates current situation in the league “We know that Emirates team is going through a difficult situation as it is one of the clubs to compete for the relegation. This will fight for a positive result from this game from home and in front of its fans. We have to concentrate throughout the game and provide the best performance possible. On our team.

As for the readiness of the team, he explained that the team is suffering from some minor injuries to players such as Ahmed Dada and Suhail Al Noubi, but to the match day everyone will be ready for the meeting.

He pointed out that the team had a big game against Ajman and we managed to get out the three points, the team is currently going through a good positive phase and we are fully convinced that the team will present another beautiful game in front of the UAE and we will win.

As for the future aspirations of the team, he pointed out that he does not prefer to think of the long-term goal is to think about the next game only to get the players out of the pressure, noting that the team presents a beautiful football this season and seek to culminate this work to exit in a position worthy of the level of heavenly and good performance Which he offers during the current season.

Speaking of giving young players the opportunity to participate with the first team, he explained that whenever he had the opportunity he would give some minutes to young players to give them confidence to participate with the team next season.

Haboush Saleh also spoke about the upcoming game against the Emirates, adding that the coach had developed the appropriate tactics for this match and recommended avoiding mistakes in the previous matches, so we will try to make a beautiful match against the opponent is not easy in his home and his fans.

As for his expectations of Baniyas at the end of the season on the table of ranking of the league, Haboush said that the team does not think of a particular position, everyone wants to provide good levels and football and we will see what can happen at the end of the season.


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