Kruno: Al Dhafra rely on counter attack and looking for the full points


Today was held the presenting press conference for the Baniyas match against Al Dhafra for the 21st round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held at Al Dhafra Stadium. The press conference at the Baniyas Stadium press conference hall was attended by Kruno Mr. Jurcic and goalkeeper Fahd Al-Dhahnani in the presence of a number of local newspapers.

Kruno started the conference by talking about Al Dhafra team, explaining that we will play against one of the teams that provide strong football. They have five players in the line of defense and they have a very good organization. Al-Dhafra are the kind of teams that play in their areas and rely on counter attacks because they have players who have high speed. That’s why we have to be very careful.

“Baniyas will not change the way he plays. He will enter the game as usual and will rely on the ball position and passing to reach the goal and create opportunities through this approach, which is completely different from the approach of the team Dhafra, which also depends on counter attacks.

He also said that the team will miss Brazilian defender Robson De Paula due to suspension due to the accumulation of yellow cards. He pointed out that Robson is an important player for the team and his absence is effective. He is not only a defender but a captain on the pitch and at the same time the substitutes are ready to make up for this absence.

He explained that the goal of the team in each round is to improve and develop both team performance and team position in the ranking table, always strive to win and get the three points.

As for the team’s ambition to get a qualifying position for the Asian Champions League, Kruno said he knows perfectly well that the four teams have the ambition to play and represent the county in the AFC Champions League, but we also have the same ambition and we will work hard in the coming six matches to achieve that.

“Al-Dhafra team has distinctive elements at the level of foreign players and are capable of making the difference in addition to having good local players, notably Suhail Al-Mansouri, who has a great speed and fits perfectly with the way of playing Al-Dhafra.

Fahad Al-Dhahnani also mentioned that Al-Dhafra has a strong and difficult team and will not be an easy match for Al-Samawi, but our goal is to win and return to full points.

As for the absence of Robson from the line of defense, Fahd stressed that the Brazilian goes on to define himself and proved himself well among the defenders of the league this season and his absence is an influence on the team but the substitutes are ready and able to compensate for this absence.

Al-Dhahnani said that the goal is always to play a beautiful football worthy of the status of the Baniyas and his fans and of course we will seek to win a seat among the big four clubs to be able to play in the AFC Champion League as we still a chance and we will work hard to achieve this goal.

He concluded by apologizing to the coach for the recent loss suffered by the team in front of Sharjah, stressing that the referee had wronged the team in the penalty decision, pointing out Baniyas has one of the best coaches in the season in the league and he worth that we win against the leaders.


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