Kruno: Al Ain does not go through a good period and we will play in our usual way


Today was held the presenting press conference for the Baniyas match against Al Al Ain for the 22nd round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held at Al Ain Stadium. The press conference at the Baniyas Stadium press conference hall was attended by Kruno Jurcic and the player Suhail Al Noubi in the presence of a number of local newspapers.

The coach started the conference by describing the game against Al Ain as a big and important game, although Al Ain does not go through a good period and suffer many problems because he did not win the last five games in all tournaments and we will try to exploit this situation by achieving the points of the game.

He pointed out that he expects Al Ain to play with a number of young players against Baniyas to prove themselves in Al Ain line-up, which will make it difficult for the coach to analyse the way Al Ain plays against Baniyas.

The coach stressed that Baniyas will miss the player Hassan Al Mahrrami for the accumulation of yellow cards, except that everyone is ready for this game.

He explained Baniyas will not change the way of playing against Al Ain, where we will play the usual way is the passing the balls and get the possession and to play a beautiful football to reach the goal of opponent.

Suhail Al Noubi, who described the game as a tough game against a big opponent such as Al Ain Club and we will try to apply the tactic of the coach and the plan that he will put and we will work hard to get a positive result.

He said he owes much to the coach, who has developed much of Suhail Al Noubi’s potential and will work hard to provide everything for the coach and the team.


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