Kruno: We respect Shabab Al Ahli and they have great players


Today was held the presenting press conference for the Baniyas match against Shabab Al Ahli for the 25th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held at Shabab Al Ahli Stadium. The press conference at the Baniyas Stadium press conference hall was attended by Kruno Jurcic and the player Yousef Jaber in the presence of a number of local newspapers.

The coach started the press by saying “We respect Shabab Al Ahli’s team, they have the best combination of players, and they have a wonderful mix of young and experienced players,” he said.

“Shabab Al Ahli are going through a very good stage and have won President’s Cup and Arabian Gulf Cup during the season.

“Baniyas is also ready for this match as Baniyas plays beautiful football and we will go to Dubai to enjoy football and achieve a positive result,” he said.

“There is a big difference between the first round match and now as Shabab Al Ahli are competing for the league title, and Baniyas is developing significant performance in the second round.”

He ended “When you have players who have a big and positive mentality, you can achieve anything. I’m happy that we played an excellent season with Baniyas. We had excellent players on and off the pitch and created a unique and mental atmosphere that could win every game.

Yousef Jaber also talked that Baniyas has always been not easy opponent to Shabab Al Ahli and you can see the first round match, so we are on schedule with a big game that fans will enjoy.

“Shabab Al Ahli are a big team and have won a number of titles this season and are still competing for the league title as well as the thing for Baniyas, which offers a great season and achieve good results for this will be a big match between the two teams”

As for the celebration of the last team against Kalba Youssef Jabir explained that it was a message of appreciation for this coach, which we learned a lot from this season, stressing that the continuation of the coach is a win for the club and not renewing with the coach is a great loss to us as players and the club in general, Things are going well and continue with us next season.


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