We will enter in the match against Al Ahli with a view to winning


Today Sunday 6/12/2015 took place the press conference presentation of the match of Bani Yas against Al-Ahli in the Arabian Gulf Cup.

The coach Luis Garcia certainly said in the conference on the importance of providing a good level in front of a big club such as Al Ahli team and prepare for the exemplary manner in a regular match the Arab Gulf League next Friday against Sharjah Club.

The coach talked about Al Ahli played yesterday Saturday against Al Ain club and then having another meeting in front of Bani Yas in less than 48 hours, as never surprised programming matches in this way that caused no doubt a great strain on the difference and Injuries in some cases the Al Ahli coach doesn’t take responsabilities in tomorrow’s match.

On the other hand coach Mr García talked about absences Bani Yas, in particular in the defense line consisting in the absence of the Salam Mohamed, Mohamed Jaber, Saad Thamer also Mohammed but he clarified that the group of Bani Yas is unable to fill all blanks in the team.


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