New strategy for Baniyas next season


In the framework of preparations for the upcoming football season 2016-2017 and the efforts to find out the needs of all its teams for the upcoming season, and their quest to find out the readiness to fight for the league, according to the foundations and mechanisms of administrative supported.

Baniyas Football Company held several working sessions , during the past few days with the administrative and technical crews to learn about the progress of preparations for external camps for the first team and the reserve and to identify areas set up, according to the schedule prepared in advance, especially as the the next stage requires the concerted efforts of all.

Choosing a coach for the first team next season at the head of those priorities that Football Company is working on selecting.

Accordingly, HE Mubarak Awad bin Mehairoom Chairman of Baniyas Football Company said that several meetings held by the company with a number of qualified coaches from Europe and Latin America to learn what they will give to the club of artistic vision to lead the first team and consultations are still under way with a number of them.

He said bin Mehairoom: As everyone knows the club management polarizations several local players’ distinguished from several clubs to meet the needs of the first team.

In this context, he added: “we must not forget the success of the constructive cooperation between the club Baniyas and Al Ain in the strongest season deals at the League and the success of a transfer player of the national team Amer Abdulrahman addition to other cooperation with the Al Wahda Club, that helped move Amer Omar, Abdullah Al Noubi and Yousef Hzam and Omar Rashidi with an agreement between the two clubs.

He said bin Mehairoom that football Company’s management made several technical and administrative changes to supplement the team with a number of young faces that provided a good level of technical administration.

Where he was assigned to work Mahmoud Al Munthri as First Team Administrative and Saif Al Sariri as administrative for Academy teams and Marzouq Al Mansouri, as General Coordinator of the Club.

Were also evaluated a large number of CV for coaches were meeting with more than seven coaches and the first choice of the task is with a current team and if he will be late we will be contracted with the second option.

Also from the new coach standards to have a desire for truth in supporting youngsters with the players experience in the next phase.

He said bin Mehairoom: “include a list of the new team 50% of young players distinguished ascenders has been strengthened in the first team them, by giving them the right opportunity and prove themselves worthy,, said bin Meheiroom:  “been identified the first team will camp in Netherlands between periods from the date of 1 to August 22, assembly The first date of 19 July in Al Shamkha.

He pointed out that the player who gives a diligent and efforts will receive the attention and support of the administration.

He added: We set the standards for the value of contracts and giving the players and there are players more than their contracts giving and also the opposite and we will evaluate the situation.

He added: We adopted a program Football High Intensity Training (FHIT) for the Academy that will increase the development of criteria for the selection of coaches and administrative categories and will be assessed in each phase to ensure their implementation of the tasks assigned to them.

Add to that the increasing of Academy teams in the school to accommodate the large number of young players and attract enlarge and absorbed into the base school and the door is open for all the players

Also will be two festivals held annually for Academy players to attract outstanding in all age groups and there is unity in my players stages evaluated periodically.

Bin Mehairoom added: will be an annual tournament held under six years of age begins in September and there will be food and medical care for all players of the academy and the school.

We have also adopted various programs to support education, health, and education professionalism of all the players, especially the academy and the school to belief in the importance player educated and cultured.

Ended bin Meheiroom: Who thinks he has the competence to fill the administrative work of the team’s progress through the Website or the audience himself to the club.


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