Baniyas Investment and Development Company

Bani Yas Investment and Development Co. was established in 2005 and is a subsidiary mostly owned by Bani Yas Sports and Cultural Club. The company focuses on developing and building high-quality, luxurious and global communities.
Since the credibility is in the heart of the philosophy of the Bani Yas Investment and Development company, the desire for the development of the quality of living, working and recreational environments is the primary motivation for us, so we are working on the development of luxurious and vital global projects in order for the local communities to be balanced environmentally, culturally and socially with a technological system that links and inspires future generations. In line with the objectives of Abu Dhabi Plan 2030, the company contributes actively to the process of dynamic transformation of the Emirate.

Bani Yas Investment and development Company is the investment arm of the Bani Yas Sports and cultural Club, and focuses, through its main activities, on investment, development and management of real estate projects. The company currently has a large plan of opportunities and projects, including projects for integrated communities and commercial and residential towers in the United Arab Emirates.
Our projects are distinguished by the capability to provide attractive returns to real estate investors. Among these projects are "East Gate" project which is an integrated community project representing the first pilot projects which the company intends to carry out. The East Gate project aims to upgrade the recreational, trade and tourist site of the city of Bani Yas.

The vision of Bani Yas Investment and Development company is to be recognized as a leader in the field of investment and the development of the community and to contribute significantly to the development, growth and progress of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates.
The mission of Bani Yas Investment and Development company is to invest in and develop local and contemporary communities through the involvement of all stakeholders in providing creative and innovative solutions in order to promote the prosperity of the population while preserving the environment and heritage.