Goran: We have the chance to qualify against Al Wasl


In the press conference that was held today for the President’s Cup match Baniyas against Al Wasl for the Round of 16 which will bring together the two teams at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain on Wednesday 17 January 2018. The press conference was attended by coach Goran and Captain Yousef Jaber in the presence of the local newspapers.
The coach explained that the game will be strong between the two sides and at the same time did not hide the superiority of Al Wasl in this match as one of the teams in the, leading teams in Arabian Gulf League but at the same time confirmed that Baniyas will have a word to say in this match, especially as the team lives good days as a leader of the first division league and performs well in the last league matches.
He explained that the current group of Baniyas players has young players on a distinguished level and contains players with considerable experience, which confirms that Al Samawi will not be an easy opponent for Al Wasl.
Goran also confirmed that all the players are ready to face Al Wasl and there are no absences or minor injuries, including newly arrived Ivory Coast striker Manucho, who is preparing to play his first match with the team, where Goran confirmed that the player is physically ready as he is coming from the Egyptian league and the player played all the matches in his previous team matches this season.
Captain Yousef Jaber also spoke about this strong match, which showed that Al-Samawi missed the atmosphere of the Arabian Gulf League and facing Al-Wasl is to retrieve the memories of last season while confirming that Al-Samawi will return strongly to the professional league next season and will have a word in Al Wasl match.
“We know that Al Wasl has a high level of players and we have to be careful and focused throughout the game to stop their danger. We are ready for this confrontation as we come as leaders of the first division league and we have high morale to cross to the next round.
He also pointed out that the President’s Cup games do not know strong or weak team as the chances are equal and there is no nomination for a team on the other.


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