Bani Yas Sports and Cultural Club was established in 1982 based on the decision of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.

Bani Yas Sports and Cultural Club was established in 1982 based on the decision of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports. The establishment decision was issued to meet the region's need for infrastructure development, and local community care for Bani Yas area in Abu Dhabi, as well as contributing effectively to the building of generations of conscious and responsible young people to contribute effectively to building comprehensive development of the United Arab Emirates, by creating the appropriate healthy environment to develop their skills and creating a spirit of legal competition and challenge in various sports and cultural fields. We look forward that the club, including lowest human elements in rank representing the club, achieves the vision of its leadership by becoming the best club and a center of sports and cultural and Social superiority, excellence and creativity. The successive managements of the club paid attention to the age groups to form integrated age rules to support the first team. They started with the competitions of young people organized by the Football Association until their expertise and skills become perfect and till they become able to build a team which can compete and participate in the second division league. After a long journey, all the concerned people and players efforts turned to representing the city of Bani Yas in elite competitions of first division and they achieved that at the 1987-1988 season.
After five years of playing with great teams, the team scored its first achievement by winning the Cup of His Highness the President of State in the 1991-1992 season, then it faced some difficulties to move between the first division league and the second division league, then the 2009-2010 season came, wherein it achieved another success by winning the fourth place in the league, and kept its name among great teams since that date. In the next season, the team participated in the first Gulf competition and won the title in Al Shamkha playground to etch its name in the championship records among the great teams in the Gulf through "Gulf 28" when it score two clean goals against the Qatari Al Khawr team. After H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan took office of the presidency of the club, the club started to put clear scientific strategies to move all sport teams and cultural and social activities of the club to the level of professionalism and excellence and to be one of the most important tributaries of human building in the United Arab Emirates.
The club began to take the form of professional global institutions through the establishment of several arms, each of them pays attention to one of the development areas that will ultimately support the man to meet his hopes and aspirations and contribute to raising the standard of living for the people of the promising city of Bani Yas. The club launched at frequent intervals within a vigorous and accelerated plan, through Bani Yas Investment and Development Co. which is considered as the investment arm of the club which launched the East Gate Project, aiming to develop and build global, high-quality, luxurious communities, and Bani Yas football Co. which is interested in supporting football due to its wide fan base in the city of Bani Yas and looking for talents and perfecting their skills through Bani Yas academy affiliated to Bani Yas sports Co. which is interested in supporting and developing all other different sports. One of the most important achievements of the club so far is the generous initiative launched by HH Sheikh Saif, president of the club in 2014, by establishing a special committee for celebrations in Bani Yas and sponsoring all of their works and efforts to provide an opportunity for all the people of the city of Bani Yas and residents of the nearby areas to celebrate the forty-third anniversary of the National Day of United Arab Emirates to turn it into a big carnival through its great efforts and unrivaled interaction of Bani Yas tribes and neighboring areas.
Bani Yas Club, through its future vision, is still following its discipline of human building since several decades ago: Spirit, Will, Civilization, Responsibility, and Skills.