Jurcic: We can compete any team in UAE


Today was held the press conference for the Baniyas match against Al Wasl for the 15th round of Arabian Gulf League, which will be held next Tuesday , at Al Wasl Stadium. The press conference attended by of coach Jurcic and the player Yousef Jaber with a number of local press.

The coach started by describing the game as a new game and a new challenge for the team against a very strong team such as Al Wasl, who has a distinguished group of players, both in the foreigner players level who have long experience in UAE or young players who are highly skilled and capable of making a difference.

Al Wasl also participated in this season on all competitions where he competed for the President’s Cup and Arabian Gulf Cup and the Zayed Cup for Arab clubs and all these tournaments affected in one way or another the results of the team in the league where Al Wasl does not have a large number of points so for them each match in the league is very important to harvest as many points as possible.

As for the preparations for the match, the coach confirmed that Baniyas aspires to continue the positive performances of the team especially after the previous victory against Fujairah. This is why the team aspires to continue in the same vein and make a big match against Al Wasl.

As for the players’ readiness, Jurcic explained that all the players are ready for the match as there are no injuries or stops in the team.

He also praised the excellent physical condition of the players, where he explained that the figures revealed that the team is on the ground more than 15 kilometres compared to the first round matches, which is a very excellent number, equivalent to a player and a half extra in the ground field, so he sees Baniyas has become able to compete any team in the country and offer an excellent levels.

As for the target of Baniyas in this season, the coach explained that the goal of the management and the team at the beginning of the season was to stay in the professional league and stabilize the team and not relegate again, but with the passage of time and positive offers by the team has increased the ambitions as the team now aspires to get front ranking in the table of points, especially since the team is now in fifth place in the league table and is very advanced compared to the ambition of the team at the beginning of the season.

As for the goal of the team from the Arabian Gulf Cup, which reaches its semi-final, the coach spoke after explaining the positive results of the team we became more open about the competition for the Gulf Cup and the Arab unity game and reach the final of the tournament, but the technical staff to enter the lineup Especially because the rules of the tournament force you to participate with three young players and therefore we have to choose these young people with absolute care and we have to give them a greater number of minutes at the level of the league championship.

He also spoke to Yousef Jaber and confirmed that the Samawi is going to Dubai to make a big match in front of Al Wasl and a positive result from Zabeel Stadium.

He added that there is no easy match in the league, you must respect all opponents and provide a big game to be able to come out with the desired positive result.

He also stressed that Al Wasl offers outstanding levels in the recent period and aspires to continue the same journey as they are playing this game on the ground and in front of their fans and is in itself a great moral motivation for them.

As for Baniyas level in the current season, Youssef explained that since the training camp at the beginning of the season there were indications and data suggesting that the team will provide a good season through the vision of the tactical ideas of the coach and the ambition he possesses in addition to the level of foreign players and their impact on the team, That the team is going to offer a special football season and its goal is greater than staying only in the professional league.


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